The Power Of The Riff - Eyehategod

A Sunday is the perfect day to award the winner that submitted the best video from one of the dirtiest southern metal bands of all time, EYEHATEGOD.  The world is a better place now that Mike Williams & Co. are once again fully functional.  But it turns out we can't award this winner his due prize.  He is a resident of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and we are powerless to award him the golden ticket he's really after.  In his world, seeing just one of these bands would be a life-altering event:

I'm really into all the bands in the line-up but I haven't seen any of those since I live in a damned country (Iran) that they're no concerts, records, etc., even I can't form my own band as the police are going to arrest you if you listen to any sort of rock music in general.

That sentiment is shared in another part of the world, where the rebellion is on, and an untrained young machine gunner is driven by the Power Of The Riff as he fights the dictator:   

Now, with Tripoli Street liberated, Shaka and his men were enjoying a day of rest before heading off to battle elsewhere. Bozaid talked about the metal festival he wanted to stage when Qaddafi was finally defeated. “It’s my dream—Hazfest,” he said. “It’s going to come true, if I’m still alive.”

The number of submissions that we have received for this festival has far surpassed any of our prior contests.  Many of you have included messages that money is tight, or shit is otherwise not going so well.  We wish we could hook you all up, but we can't.  After tonight, we have just three more pairs to give.  Tonight's post is just to remind you all that we're lucky as hell to even have the opportunity to experience this festival.  Nearly 20 bands for $30.  Buy them here.