The State Of The City of Devils

First off, want to apologize for the lack of posts over the last few weeks.  The truth is that I have been living out of the City of Devils since June on a work assignment, and lately the work has been so overwhelming the blog has had to take a backseat.  Good news is that I should be back home before the end of the month, and once recovered will be able to give this blog the level of attention it once enjoyed (which is still inadequate, I know).  The bottom line is although it may appeared we died, there's always resurrection  When I started all of this, I promised myself I would see it through until December 31, 2012, no matter the interest it generated.  That pledge remains.      

Second, Professor Bunkum recently interviewed one off the greatest metal writers of our time.  Educate yourself.

Third, the situation with The Blvd appears unresolved.  If that state persists until I return, I'll try to get an interview with the owners, and see if we can be of any assistance.  The live music venues are inadequate in our city, and navigating the city's permitting process on behalf of those that want to bring the noise could become my next mission in life.    

And finally, on this Labor Day weekend, there's something for even the unemployed to celebrate.  A free show featuring our friend Scott Carlson's legendary band, REPULSION.  I will not be there but knock someone on their ass for me.  And then, pick their ass up.   

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