Ancient Metal Invasion

Professor Bunkum wasn’t happy about THE STOOGES cancellation, though the lineup really wasn’t the Stooges. Iggy reported that Scott Asheton had some unknown medical problem, and Ron Asheton is dead, which leaves Stooges Mk. II guitarist James Williamson, a fill in drummer and Mike Watt.  In other words, the Iggy Pop band with James Williamson.

Nevertheless, the good Professor reports an upcoming series of shows that are inspiring him to fire up the horse and buggy and come down outta the mountains for some good camping in Los Angeleez:

  • UFO (Tonight, Key Club) - The band is now Phil Mogg, Andy Parker on drums and Paul Raymond from the classic lineup.  Some guy is playing bass.  Vinnie Moore is guitarist.  They are supposedly leading with “Wild Willing & Innocent” so it can’t be all bad.  Note for any remaining Motley Crue fans: Nikki Sixx stole his shtick from bassist Pete Way, whose lifestyle has precluded him from touring lately.
  • MICHAEL MONROE (October 20, The Whisky) - This is a guaranteed good time.  His show last year at the Viper Room shows what 20 years of clean living can do for a rock star.  If you like Johnny Thunders, the New York Dolls (whose guitarist is in this band), Hanoi Rocks and your general shithot two guitar rock n roll band (it’s harder than it looks), you will leave this show with a smile on your face. 
  • 3 GUITAR HEROES: Schenker/Roth/West (November 9, El Rey) - This could be really cool or really depressing.  Is Leslie West going to come out and do “Mississippi Queen” instrumental Steve Vai-style?  Uli Roth is of course the Scorpions guy that replaced Schenker and went on to some sort of German mystical Frank Marino Hendix-like existence.  At one time he sang (in a down-tuned Lemmy voice without the rasp and German accent) on some of the weirdest Scorpions songs like “Polar Nights” and “Dark Lady,” but don’t get your hopes up.  Schenker, of course, well, you never know.  Given a wide open format like this, he could do anything.  Anyway who thought of this stupid name for the show?