Salt Lick God's Balls

Too young to have experienced TAD?  Well Tad Doyle is not too old for you.  All your favorite Seattle bands looked up to that guy.   Sadly, too few people outside of that city did the same.  If you're looking for a bridge between grunge and metal, you've found your man.  And if you think Mr. Doyle is just a figment of rock past, think again.  This is a man who namedropped CAVE IN, YOB, LESBIAN and GRAYCEON in an interview with Metal Sucks a couple of years ago.  Check out his relevance for yourself when, to our surprise, he plays Chinatown tomorrow night with his current band, BROTHERS OF THE SONIC CLOTH.  Here's their story:

Midway through 2007, after casting off many of the destructive forces inherent to the human condition, Tad Doyle (TAD, Hog Molly) decided it was time to pick up his guitar and once again play live music. Together with his fiancé, Peg Tully on bass form the core unit of Brothers of the Sonic Cloth.

BOTSC established an alternating smoldering and roaring doom metal sound in their early recordings and in 2009, the first official BOTSC demo containing the tracks “La Mano Poderosa” and “I Am” were made into a limited edition CD that sold all 50 copies almost overnight. The over twenty-minute-long two song demo reveals the Brothers’ supernatural ability to defy universal laws by showing that the question of time is irrelevant. The effect for the listener is one of physical time being suspended as the auditory experience appears to occur simultaneously in both a single moment and over several hours.

A split 10 inch on vinyl with Mico De Noche released on Violent Hippy Records has been made available with the latest BOTSC outing entitled, “Fires Burn Dim in the Shadows of the Mountain”. This epic twelve minute work finds the Bros. bellowing forth enormous sound waves that move with all the intent and might of lava engulfing all in its path before drifting gently into a vast still ocean of powerful beauty.  Beauty that pays homage to classic Floyd and Sabbath as well as echoing their contemporaries YOB, Neurosis and the Christpunchers, but with a signature sound all their own.

They will be joined by GYPSYHAWK, who play a warmup show before embarking on a national tour that will keep them away from the City of Devils for the next six weeks.