Give Me Sanctuary

Feeling good this morning after spending last night down at Alex's Bar in Long Beach for BIG BUSINESS/NEIL HAMBURGER.  A nice crowd with almost all unfamiliar faces, except for Dave Grohl who showed up in his white limo that was parked on display in front of the door.  We might sponsor some shows down there if it all makes sense.  That's a big if.  Speaking of Dave, read this morning he's been in the studio with Stephen Pearcy and Warren DeMartini of RATT as part of a new unnamed project.  Maybe he's on a mission to resurrect glam metal after taking blame for its demise.  

Another band that didn't fare so well with the emergence of Nirvana & Co. is Seattle's SANCTUARY.  Back in those days, the two Jet City bands that got my attention were METAL CHURCH and QUEENSRYCHE.  Both bands made it to my town in support of METALLICA, so it makers perfect sense that Mustaine would get behind the other Seattle band, SANCTUARY, by producing their first album and taking then out on the road with MEGADETH.  But the good times all came crashing down by the early 90s in the wake of the grunge movement that seemingly defined Seattle music, and soon after vocalist Warrel Dane, bassist Jim Sheppard, and late arrival guitarist Jeff Loomis went on to form NEVERMORE.  

Now NEVERMORE is nevermore and SANCTUARY is reformed, playing scattered shows in the US and Europe over the last year.  This weekend takes them to Joliet, IL Friday and our own Club Nokia Saturday.  Those travel plans sound shitty but the bill here is a good one, with support from a solid trio of local bands that would all have been at home during SANCTUARY's heyday:  WARBRINGER, HUNTRESS, and BONDED BY BLOOD.

We've got five pairs of tickets to giveaway for this one.  To enter,  send us an email to or go here with your name.  All winners will be notified by tomorrow at noon.