The Red Line

Eddie Solis and whoever is playing drums for IT'S CASUAL these days have been holed up with Billy Anderson somewhere in Hollywood tracking the band's fourth full length titled The New Los Angeles II.  We're always wary of sequels but we also know there's plenty more to say about the City of Devils.  Before we hear the new stuff, Eddie has sent along a new video for "The Red Line", his pro-public transportation anthem from the original that was produced by a great supporter of local music and a member of the Jackass clan, Rick Kosick.    

Speaking of the Red Line, did you know that The No Pants Subway Ride was held globally on Sunday?  I like looking at Eddie as much as the next guy but some ass could make his song go viral.  Maybe next year Rick can make his own sequel.  

And Orange County, beware. IT'S CASUAL will be in you next month to blow down the Doll Hut.