Out With The Nu, In With The Old

MACHINE HEAD are finally doing a headlining tour in the States and will be hitting Hollywood this Friday. I’m not sure why so many people hate on this band after they prove, time and time again, to be one of the most satisfying live acts out there. Not to mention, The Blackening is a great record and Robb Flynn writes killer riffs. I understand there was that unspeakable nu-metally time in the band's history, but I mean, we all go through dark times? They found the light at the end of the tunnel and are back to the thrashy riffs a la Burn My Eyes. I can’t guarantee the same for the opening bands on the bill, but Machine Head will deliver an incredibly heavy set without the scene-y bullshit. Come out to the Avalon on Friday to headbang to monster riffs and get in on my favorite metal band name chant: MACHINE FUCKIN’ HEAD.

Here’s a classic from 1994, 18 years later.


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