Beauty Is Pain

Yeah, another new venue!  How long will this one last?  Hopefully a while.  In this war of attrition, we cannot afford more losses.   The demise of 5 Stars Bar is reverberating as we write.  Shows in disarray are no good for any of us.  But along come Beauty is Pain, or B.I.P., for those in the know. Let's just assume the place doesn't have proper permits so we don't get too attached.   And I've been thinking about the name of this joint all week.  What does it all mean?  There's a least a couple of possibilities.  One is that pain is a beautiful thing.  Another is that achieving beauty requires pain.  Or maybe those two are one in the same.  But who gives a fuck?  The only thing that matters is Friday night will give the cops a reason to shut the place down.  It's sure to be a full-on rager.  I'm using that lingo because you know what ladies?  There should be skaters galore at this one.  If that vibe gets you going, consider yourself gone.  I'm probably unqualified to even attend.  But I am super-experienced at watching skaters steal away the best available.