The Split, Locally Grown

Got home from a weeklong business trip looking to unwind.  And so I did.  And as part of that process, I went to the turntable.  On my way, I came upon the brand new 12" IDES OF GEMINI split with VERMAYPYRE that had arrived while I was gone.  So it was played; pretty fucking loud.  I opened my windows and it was unintentionally blaring out there.  The outside speakers were on.  Sound waves echoing out across the canyon of Mt. Washington, maybe funneling down to the residence of its creators who live below.  Must feel good to be in a relationship and create something beautiful together that isn't another human.  A piece of vinyl stays quiet when you want it to.  

My neighbors will be playing for free at our favorite record store Vacation Vinyl on Monday, February 20th at 8 PM to celebrate the release.  It's also Presidents Day so double the reason to celebrate. You can buy it from Magic Bullet Records like I did, if you're impatient.  Or you can wait and get it at the party.  I bet you even can get Sera to sign it.  The split contains this tune and one new one plus the soundtrack of a massacre on the backside.  Which is perfect, because the frontside is the reflective aftermath.