The Debut of Sodomia

Friday night, the headliners from two cancelled 5 Star Bar shows come together to play one excellent show at Los Globos on Sunset in Silver Lake.  Free admission, free drinks before HARASSOR kicks things off at 9 PM.  Now our show will be upstairs, and an event by the name of Pussy Power will be raging downstairs.  Let's just say the club will be a mecca of diversity that evening.  And while we all fully acknowledge the power of pussy, leave those folks on the lower level alone to reject the power of penis.

BEREFT may be the doom band that LA has been looking for without knowing it.  Led by INTRONAUT's Sacha Dunable, he has assembled musicians from ABYSMAL DAWN, FACELESS and NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW into one mighty beast.  Get a taste of their new record Leichenhaus here and pre-order it here.  Just that one tune is enough to convince us that we're gonna be totally in to this.

But the band we're most excited to see is SODOMIA.  Maybe we should call it a collective, or better yet a solo project, because there's just one constant here - Martin De Pedro.  That's right.  Yes, the same man that has worked behind the scenes forever to being you many a fine night like this one in his role as promoter for OVRCAST, will step on stage for the first time to perform under the SODOMIA moniker.  He's been telling us about his music for a while now, and we're psyched to be a part of it finally coming to fruition in a live setting.  So who else is the group?  Although the forthcoming LP features Wino on lead guitar and Scott Batiste (SAVIOURS) on drums, neither of them will be playing this show.  Instead, a cast of characters will be there to support Martin: 

The Rhythm Section
Trevor Martin (EARLY MAN) - Drums


Guest Guitarists
Casey Barclay (MOAB)


Guest Lead Vocalists
Pete Majors (HARASSOR)

Sandor Finta (HARASSOR)

And what does it sound like?  The most recent addition to the SoundCloud page is this:

But right below are some ambient tracks.  A little bliss, a little hell.  Kind of like everyday.  Prepare yourself for the unknowable.  This will be fun.