Viva Los Globos

As we are all, all too aware, EARLY GRAVES were struck with the cataclysmic catastrophe of losing their vocalist, Makh Daniels, in a van accident in August of 2010.   He is a much missed mouthpiece & it is, & will continue to be, an immeasurable tragedy.

How that plays out now is, in losing this masterful man of the mic, their combination of hardcore punk coupled with thrash metal seems to be channeling his voracity.  They deliver with three times as much of a demon-like ferocity, assaultive to the senses with nary a component of self-pitying loss or any sense of being disingenuous.  If anything, they have utilized his death to ramp & rev up their performances with a fury fueled by some blistering, bulldozing, primal intensity which is relentless in its creative destruction.  And… they lay down these odes to annihilation with a groove, which is easily accessible on the recording of the tune "Goner" though live it is buried beneath their searing brutality.   

If you are unfamiliar with ACxDC, my suggestion is prepare yourself to be beaten over the head until they rip off the top of your skull as you are Mohawk-ed by their slaughtering madness, your eyes & ears gushing blood, you will remember that the pain being bestowed upon you is a gift which you should be thankful to receive. 

PLAGUES brings hardcore in its purest form.  A treat and treasure to watch the will of the world wrenched away while basking in what feels like an homage & not a tepid rehashing of a type of punk few dare to honestly play.  There are originators, there are imposters and, finally, there are those who reap what’s been sewed to bring a new crop of truth in a musical style that demands honesty.  Plagues come to the table with a near-unmatched integrity.