Get Small Stoned

Two consecutive nights of heaviness at our new resort, Los Globos.  With all the mirrors, lights and low ceilings, the place is a prototypical coke den.  But the sound for the BEREFT show was solid.  And when the lights are dimmed a bit, it feels like the place to be.  Monday's bands will bring a whole different vibe than tonight's bill.  When you think of Small Stone Recordings, you think of stoner rock.  And there's no way around that.  I'm not sure any band wants that tag, but they probably wouldn't mind being described as music that I like to get stoned to.  That's not a monolithic group of bands either - stoner rock encompasses a wide variety.  Small Stone's SXSW Showcase is always a favorite.  All of the prentiousness that can surround you there dissipates.  It's American rock 'n roll at its best.  LO-PAN is a truly collosal example of what that label is all about.  SASQUATCH always does Los Angeles proud.  I'm skipping SXSW this year so this show is a way to kill off any lingering regrets.  Pennsylvania's BACKWOODS PAYBACK was supposed to play last year but never made it to Austin because of a "serious medical emergency." Craig Riggs of labelmate ROADSAW told me I need to see these boys.  Tomorrow night they come to us.