Somebody Save Me

Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a mythical land known as “The  Bay Area”.  In this magical land, during the early 80’s, certain gifted musicians roamed freely amongst their compatriots, sharing stages, tearing the world apart as they knew it with a new variety of metal. The commoners were bestowed with gifts from these people of the new order of sound with something that came to be called thrash metal.  The bands of this variety were picking and choosing sounds from NWOBHM and hardcore, punk rock’s itinerant child, combining these two as the foundation from which they built this new sound.  Where scorching guitar riffs coupled with vocals that weren’t growling or screaming but singers actually singing with a range above 3 notes, & these said vocals were not considered a criminal offense.

This coming Wednesday night will yield an evening reminiscent of those times with the unstoppable juggernaut-like, relentlessly merciless, riff-driven bill at The Satellite.  There are three absolutely searing, bands who have each taken their own version of a page from the genres known as thrash, which will be actualized by Oakland’s SAVIOURS who lean on elements of NWOBHM as well.  Opening for SAVIOURS is HOLY GRAIL, who hail from Pasadena of all places & carry the NWOBHM torch however couple it more with all that is power metal, given the fact that the singer has a range worthy of those who pioneered that style.  Last, but certainly not least, we have LA’s own THE SHRINE, who step out from the shadow of stoner rock with psychedelic shredding.

Saviours - "Crete'n" from Kemado Records on Vimeo.

This is a bill that will assuredly bring about mass destruction, causing Mother Nature herself to stand aside.  SAVIOURS are a fury to which few hold a candle, ripping the world to shreds riff after riff after riff, bringing metal back to blazing with their relentlessly pummeling drums, blistering guitar work, they are an organized cacophonous-yet-clean sonic tour-de-force.    They bow and scrape to no one yet carry this torch of Bay Area brutality &, I have to say, there has *GOT* to be something in the water because, geographically, this area keeps churning out these amazing metal bands who continue to rise phoenix-like, from the ashes of the bands before them.  This evening will refuse to do anything other than slay the listener so I suggest if you want a night chock full of amazing metal, excellent vocals, riff-upon-riff-upon-riff, you get your ass over to The Satellite.  If you miss it you will rue it to your last, gasping breath in this world.

We have two pairs of tickets to give away.  To enter the contest, contact us here or email  All winners will be notified by noon tomorrow.  If you're not a winner, advance tickets can be bought here.