The Best Band From Kansas City

Back in the 90s, MOLLY MCGUIRE earned the above-title.  Even after a 12 year hiatus, you can argue they never lost it.  They're back now, with members relocated to the left coast (drummer Jason Gerken now resides here),  a reunion sparked by an invite to play a festival in their former hometown, and nostalglic-fueled momentum that has spiraled into a short run of leadup shows and a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund a new record.  
They stop Thursday night at the Satellite with newcomers AEGES (but made of oldcomers) who release their new record, The Bridge, April 17th on Mylene Sheath.  Drawing comparisons to the likes of Cave In, Quicksand, and Betty-era Helmet, just close your eyes and you may be transported to Spaceland circa 1995.
If you're up for some time travel, contact us here or email with your full name to win a pair of tickets.