Psychedelic-Blues Music For Your Soul

After catching RADIO MOSCOW as the support act for the GRAVEYARD show earlier last month at the Bootleg Theater, I am pumped to see they will be headlining this Friday night at the Satellite. Led by guitarist/vocalist Parker Griggs, this talented trio is sure to satisfy those of us who like a healthy dose of blazing/hazy guitar driven rock. Before heading off to Europe for a tour, RADIO MOSCOW will be joined with the BLACK APPLES (who recently headlined an impressive month long residency at The Echo)  and MR. ELEVATOR & THE BRAIN HOTEL.

RADIO MOSCOW combine elements of current bands like White Stripes and Black Keys, and "retro-fit" their own psychedelic style to give you a truly ass-kicking sound.  That aforementioned GRAVEYARD set was great, but RADIO MOSCOW left me, as they say on the last song "No Jane" off their album Brain Cycles, "too high to climb."

We've got a couple of pairs of tickets for you.  If you want to be considered, contact us here or email with your full name.