A Hard Habit To Break

Post 3 on the new developments in the KYUSS LIVES lawsuit. Here's the email chain that apparently gave Homme comfort that KYUSS LIVES would be short-lived (i.e., not still touring in 2012 with plans to make a live and studio record).  Garcia's supposed "one reason and one reason only" for performing under that name -- to promote his own band GARCIA vs GARCIA -- never came to fruition, as far as I know.  But while his assurance fell short, the last paragraph of his email correctly foreshadowed recent events, as he ultimately provided the drama he knew the press would need to complete itself:      

Reeder responded by fantasizing, as many of us have, about "an amazing evening to have everyone that was ever in Kyuss come out and play stuff from every era with the actual guys that played on each record for the first time ever":

Garcia ate that shit up, taking it a step further by suggesting a touring desert festival that would also feature QOTSA, Goatsnake, Fatso Jetson and others.  

And then he signs off with "Josh?", knowing full well there was one person who could ultimately determine whether something like that would ever happen.  The court filing does not include any emails from Homme in response to this chain, but his act of filing this lawsuit should answer that question once and for all.  After all this ugliness, I can hope for reconciliation (shit, even Robbie Robertson turned up at Levon Helm's deathbed), but never a reunion.