We Are Kyuss, Not Kiss

As a lawyer, one thing I have learned in exchange for the six figure debt is how to access court filings.  Earlier this week, Josh Homme and Scott Reeder asked the federal court here in LA to issue a preliminary injunction that would prevent their old buddies John Garcia and Brant Bjork from using the name KYUSS LIVES ever again.  Sure, Reeder played in KYUSS LIVES both internationally and domestically and Homme showed his support for the group when he told the LA Weekly back in October of last year:  "I want to shout from the mountaintops: ‘Go get ‘em, boys!'...I'm stoked for them. I hope they ... blow your mind.”   But a few months later it all went horribly awry when Homme filed a lawsuit, Reeder jumped on board, and Nick Oliveri escaped the uncomfortable middle of it all by quitting KYUSS LIVES months before their current European tour.  We're going to post a few of our favorite emails but we'll start you out with Oliveri's resignation email in which the alleged felon takes the moral high ground:

This was followed up by one of the most entertaining interviews I've ever seen.  And if you want to read the Homme/Reeder perspective on this whole sordid tale, including the reasons why they started shouting from the mountaintops "Stop getting 'em, boys!", hit the bong and scroll away: