Our ?th Anniversary Show

Here's a new video from our own IDES OF GEMINI.  We can assure you, this vibe is true to the members of that group.  We've been mostly out of town this last half year and will be again when they join INTRONAUT on Thursday, December 18 at the Roxy to celebrate the latter's 10th Anniversary.  Sera and J of IDES are the kind of neighbors you always hope for, and Sacha of INTRONAUT and DUNABLE GUITARS once tried to help us become a better guitar player.  He never stood a chance, but he is a talented, patient and kind soul.  A highlight of running this site was putting on an anniversary show this time of year with INTRONAUT and Sera'a BLACK MATH HORSEMAN back at Spaceland a while ago.  So we're hijacking this anniversary show and claiming it as our own even through we won't be there (suffering is healing?) and we don't remember what anniversary this is.  One thing that will heal us is giving you tickets to be there as our representatives.  There are no responsibilities associated with that role other than showing up.  You may enter here, and also remember joining our email list helps your cause.      

If you don't know that J. Bennett is the greatest metal writer alive then please read more.  You can start by reading the words he said to Noisey about the occupation that does noy pay the bills.  And if you would just like to say hi to him, he is DJ'ing at Footsie's Bar nearly every Tuesday. 

Directed By Daciana Birladeanu