Huntress Is Having A "Secret Show"

We learned earlier this week from HUNTRESS's social media blasts that it is playing a "secret show" Saturday night in Old Town Pasadena.  Since they told us the location and the bands that will be joining them, we were wondering what the secret is all about.  Sure, there will be hot sluts and Jäger promotions but that's pretty much a given.  Still, they tease us that "surprises await."   We had our doubts until we received a rather shocking email yesterday from our old friend and favorite Martin, Martin DePedro, who deserves a lot of credit for this blog being alive.  The run we had co-promoting his OVRCAST COLLECTIVE shows will probably be the high mark of our existence. Martin had gone so underground that even we could not find him, but recently has emerged back to the lithosphere on a more regular basis.   We even saw him twice last week and it gave us a #clitboner.  But we were not prepared for him to be back in the show promotion game.   We will let Martin take it from here (with some edits that we hope are consistent with his message):

Come check out HUNTRESS this Saturday for a lot less money than it would cost you to see them open for Danzig, Lamb of God, Rob (I wish I was Al Jourgensen circa 1995) Zombie.  Also notable is the fact that Ohio's pride --- Shreddy Kroger AKA JOHN KONESKY (Sea of Air & Trainwreck/Tenacious D) will be performing live on Saturday as axe man for the band LEGAL TENDER.

Folks, be at this show, or be seen soon in Vice Magazine prancing around Silverfake amongst the fedora-adorned a day late & a Canadian dollar short poseur beard set.

Miss this gig & suffer the brooding sense of dread that you took the wrong pill this weekend and spend Sunday lamenting not having attended the gig at the Terrace in Pasadena the night prior. 

Yes Pasadena, and you know what, it aint that far from wherever you reside in L.A. county and it's a lot less of a drag that going anywhere west of La Brea on a Saturday night.

He even gave us a pair of tickets to give away.  If you want them, contact us here.