Happy 10th to Saviours

One of the reasons this blog got fired up years ago was because of the outstanding shows that Martin de Pedro put on through his collective, OVRCAST.  Even if we could get just one more person out to his events, it was worth the time, because there was no doubt that we had made a difference for the better.  When Martin and OVRCAST slowed things down, so did we - it was no coincidence.   

Yesterday was a good day because OVRCAST is back to present the Ten Year Birthday Show for SAVIOURS at Complex on Friday, September 26th.  Support will be provided by two bands that also frequented OVRCAST's shows - HARASSOR and BASTARD (now featuring guitarist Chris Velez from LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH). 

It's a special show because not only is it a birthday party with more riffage than most can handle, Martin will be unveiling several cassette tape format releases for public consumption at the gig:

  • SODOMIA - S/T 
  • THE OBSESSED - Incarnate (reissue with bonus tracks & new album art by Wino)
  • SAVIOURS - Crucifire (reissue with special artwork only for this edition)
  • THE SPIRIT CARAVAN - Live (with album art by Wino)

And to cap it off, Adam Murray will have a new edition of his zine Heavy Cream available at the show as well as HEAVY CREAM RECORDS' first release, the debut cassette from thrashers LIVIN ALIVE.   

Welcome back, OVRCAST!  You may have just inspired us to turn it back up again.