Checks and balances

Had to post once in five years. Today I’m thinking about the Constitution while listening to the new FEELS record, “Post Earth.” I heard the first track, “Car,” at a show or two in the last year or so and that riff is pretty killer. The LA rock scene is showing life and women are leading the way. More metal, HIGH PRIESTESS is worth checking out. I missed their recent show opening for Glitter Wizard and Gygax - I’m getting old and lazy about going west of downtown - but they made an impression at the Hi Hat when they opened the night for The Freeks and The Schizophonics. The drummer should be playing Tommy Lee in that new Crüe movie. Another great drummer in an all-women LA band is Stella Mogawza of WARPAINT. Had the pleasure of seeing her at that band’s 15th anniversary shows recently at Echoplex. I’ve been interested in WARPAINT for pretty much their entire existence but it took Stella’s arrival to fulfill their potential. Maybe one day they’ll make a record that will reflect their chemistry live, but that’s not always possible. Bassist jennylee’s solo act was one of the openers and her and the band she has assembled put on quite a psych rock spectacle. The last female drummer I must mention is Adrienne Davies of EARTH. That band was at the Ukrainian Cultural Center this week to perform a live score to the 1922 Danish silent movie, Häxan. I was not there for the movie but my wife tells me it’s good. I scored a seat on top of bleachers with my popcorn, non-Red Bull drink and eyes wide shut as I blissed out for a couple of hours on those Dylan Carlson riffs and she kept us all together.  

So back to the Constitution. I’m getting through our current political situation by focusing my thoughts on that document. It has endured over 200 years. America will survive if the Constitution does, and its track record is damn strong. It was further strengthened following a Civil War, after all. But there is no doubt that the government structure it created, consisting of checks and balances between three co-equal branches, is under significant stress right now. It took a man of Donald Trump’s reliable incompetence to make us answer many questions, including: is there any check on the President’s authority to act under the guise of “national security”? Answering those questions on our behalf will be a compliant Senate and a tainted Supreme Court. At this point we’re all spectators. Nobody is changing this man.

The Senior Senator from Kentucky

The Senior Senator from Kentucky

And the Supreme Court is not going to add a justice interested in limiting executive power any time soon. As impactful of an activist as you may be, there’s nothing you can do but wait for the legal process to play out. So the Donald J. Trump experiment continues, and we listen to the new VANUM:

Looking ahead, see OM, EYEHATEGOD (long live Mikey!), and DAUGHTERS and you will be proud of yourself for it.