Saturday Night is Alright (For Psych)

Tomorrow night the Relax Bar is hosting a most interesting lineup for those who like music that messes with your head.   Three of the bands are making their way to Austin for South by Southwest.  Here are the details:

SATURDAY March 14TH 2009
12am to 123am Wildildlife
1115pm to 1145pm White Witch Canyon
1030pm to 11pm Super Giant
945pm to 1015pm The Gun Slingers
9pm to 930pm Prognosis Negative
Doors Open 830pm


I caught WILDILDLIFE opening for Mammatus last year at the Echo and they stole the show.  They're playing the Aquarius Records showcase in Austin, and here's a taste of that store's review of Six, their full-length: 

We dug the first ep from SF transplants Wildildlife, who just so happened to feature our very own Matt in mailorder on guitar and vocals. A blown out tripped out heavy as fuck space rock psychedelic freakout of the highest order. Since then, not only have the band changed their name, to the much weirder and somehow more appropriate Wildildlife but also honed their sound into something somehow more blown out, more tripped out, heavier, weirder, but more importantly, WAY catchier. Hooks and melodies that most bands would kill for, but Wildildlife play it like it's no big thing, burying that stuff under avalanches of processed guitars, throbbing howling bass pedals, metallic Iron Maiden like riffing, insane chaotic drumming, and a fierce white hot wall of sound....And the one time we caught them live, we were hanging in a hammock, above the stage, IN A BUS, getting rammed repeatedly by the headstock of the guitar as the two axemen dueled wildly in the outrageous confines of the space below. Barring that sort of intimate and surprisingly painful interaction with Wildildlife, this record will definitely serve as an ideal introduction to their damaged and druggy fucked up metallic noise rock space pop, at least until you too can be battered and bruised by these guys in the flesh!

But get there early because you'll find quality as soon as you arrive.  And from France.  Julian Cope named GUNSLINGER's debut, No More Invention, his album of the month for August 2008.  If I could only write like Mr. Cope:

For this Gunslingers disc rages with references to Lucifer in much the same manner as our beloved Blue Öyster Cult chose to do throughout their career. Herein, Lucifer is not only invoked as the beautiful Keltic Godman we enlightened types have come to accept, but also as the still-evil Crosstian Opposer of all things good. And, contained in that mysterious netherworld doorway, the music of Gunslingers rages and rails against EVERYTHING (positive AND negative), one moment surging forth soul sparks of life upwards into the heavens, the next moment shifting direction furiously and drilling into the very crust of the earth with all the Gay Abandon of a MacAlpine’s earthmover. Pragmatic Motherfuckers these guys ain’t, children. They commence their debut LP with the two-minute-hate of ‘Into The Garage’ then jettison all reason by following it with the record’s longest piece, the apocalyptically Cunted (and Lucifer dedicated) genius of ‘Light Slinger Festival’. Thereafter, separating each successive song from the next is as futile as time-shifting back to the ‘70s and attempting to point out Billy Bremner’s shorts as they spun around in the Leeds United washing-machine. We’re talking Total White-Out, ladies’n’gentlemen; the kind of swirling snowblindness only Roald Amundsen’s South Pole Expedition could have imagined.

So if those descriptions don't intrigue you, you've got to find a new dispensary.  And while you there, be sure to congratulate Eddie for getting signed up recently by both Neurot Recordings and Orange Amps.