Red Fang

Thursday Night Ticket Giveaway

These Arms Are Snakes in Austin, TX (c/o Blood and Shutter)We have tickets for two great shows this Thursday.  At the Echoplex, THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES from Seattle are playing with TERA MELOS.  THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES were a personal highlight at SXSW.  Metal Sucks saw it the same way.  Beautiful mayhem.  I'm pretty sure Steve Snere took a ride on my shoulders during that set.  And I thought standing by the bar was a safe place.  If you like your changes a little less abrupt, and your sounds a bit more old school, then you can go check out Brooklyn's EARLY MAN and Portland's RED FANG at Spaceland that same night.  I heard a lot of chatter about RED FANG's shows in Austin being pretty great, and Heavy Planet just named their eponymous debut as its Album of the Week.    

If you want tickets to either of these shows, contact us.  And stay tuned for more ticket giveaways from Spaceland Productions.  They are definitely excited about the metal scene these days so be sure to support their shows.  We can own this town.