Permanent Vacation?

Haooy Valentine's Day! Last post was in October and then things got crazy.  Seriously flirted with full-on retirement from this blog but found myself doing the same shit as I was when I first got the idea - researching shows.  So I plan to post the results of that research on the calendar which is now the home page.  Whether I do more than that will be dependent on a lot of factors but it's safe to say this blog will exclusively focus on music I'm into that has some connection to our fair city.  Genre will be less important.  What is important is that INQUISITION is returning on March 9th.

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New Year's Eve Ballroom Blitz

It seems too early and too hot to think about the winter holidays but ignore this show at your peril.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning and you may not want to delay.  We have confirmed that "black dress attire preferred" is for real though the language suggests admission won't be denied if you fail to satisfy that preference.  Of course, disappointing King Buzzo by not showing this special event the proper respect it deserves would be an ill-advised way to kick off 2013.  
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It's been a while since we gave you tickets but two pairs to this Thursday's YOB show have been bestowed upon us.  YOB is a devastating live band.  This show at the Roxy a few years back said it all:
This week they visit downtown LA, the land of needles, not straws, and the slower pace should fiit them like a condom.  If you want to enter the contest, email us at or contact us here.   

And what about the other bands sharing the stage?  Take a listen:

Whitehorse at The Joint

Here are a few pictures of WHITEHORSE (members of True Radical Miracle and Grey Daturas) when they played The Joint a month or so ago. It was a great show, although rather under-attended in the usual L.A. fashion. PIGEONWING was also on the bill, as well as SODOMIA doing an experimental set, but I missed them both because I'm always late to everything. Whitehorse brought the heavy. They are a fantastic band. I walked away with the last copy of their latest record, Progression, and a sweet t-shirt. Also grabbed a killer PIGEONWING shirt for five bucks! 

Splitting The Baby

Today the federal court issued its ruling on the request made by Josh Homme and Scott Reeder that it enjoin former bandmates John Garcia and Brant Bjork from using the name KYUSS LIVES.  The result was a mixed bag, basically allowing the status quo to be maintained, but also warning Garcia and Bjork that even performing under the name may cost them some serious dough in the end.  Here's the money shot:
The Court will issue a preliminary injunction prohibiting Defendants from using the Kyuss Mark in
any capacity unless the word "Lives" follows the word "Kyuss" in equally-prominent lettering.  The
Court will issue a preliminary injunction prohibiting Defendants from using the Kyuss Lives Mark
in conjunction with any studio album, live album, or other audio recording.  The Motion is denied,
however, with respect to Plaintiffs' request that Defendants be enjoined from using the Kyuss
Lives Mark in conjunction with concerts and live performances.


Defendants are warned, however, that future concerts under the Kyuss Lives Mark might continue
to subject them to liability for trademark infringement.  It may be in Defendants' best interest to
begin re-branding under a new name.
When a judge makes a suggestion, it usually pays off to take it.   I suggest a return to the original name, KATZENJAMMER.  And here's the full ruling if you want all the deets:

A Hard Habit To Break

Post 3 on the new developments in the KYUSS LIVES lawsuit. Here's the email chain that apparently gave Homme comfort that KYUSS LIVES would be short-lived (i.e., not still touring in 2012 with plans to make a live and studio record).  Garcia's supposed "one reason and one reason only" for performing under that name -- to promote his own band GARCIA vs GARCIA -- never came to fruition, as far as I know.  But while his assurance fell short, the last paragraph of his email correctly foreshadowed recent events, as he ultimately provided the drama he knew the press would need to complete itself:      

Reeder responded by fantasizing, as many of us have, about "an amazing evening to have everyone that was ever in Kyuss come out and play stuff from every era with the actual guys that played on each record for the first time ever":

Garcia ate that shit up, taking it a step further by suggesting a touring desert festival that would also feature QOTSA, Goatsnake, Fatso Jetson and others.  

And then he signs off with "Josh?", knowing full well there was one person who could ultimately determine whether something like that would ever happen.  The court filing does not include any emails from Homme in response to this chain, but his act of filing this lawsuit should answer that question once and for all.  After all this ugliness, I can hope for reconciliation (shit, even Robbie Robertson turned up at Levon Helm's deathbed), but never a reunion.       

We Are Kyuss, Not Kiss

As a lawyer, one thing I have learned in exchange for the six figure debt is how to access court filings.  Earlier this week, Josh Homme and Scott Reeder asked the federal court here in LA to issue a preliminary injunction that would prevent their old buddies John Garcia and Brant Bjork from using the name KYUSS LIVES ever again.  Sure, Reeder played in KYUSS LIVES both internationally and domestically and Homme showed his support for the group when he told the LA Weekly back in October of last year:  "I want to shout from the mountaintops: ‘Go get ‘em, boys!'...I'm stoked for them. I hope they ... blow your mind.”   But a few months later it all went horribly awry when Homme filed a lawsuit, Reeder jumped on board, and Nick Oliveri escaped the uncomfortable middle of it all by quitting KYUSS LIVES months before their current European tour.  We're going to post a few of our favorite emails but we'll start you out with Oliveri's resignation email in which the alleged felon takes the moral high ground:

This was followed up by one of the most entertaining interviews I've ever seen.  And if you want to read the Homme/Reeder perspective on this whole sordid tale, including the reasons why they started shouting from the mountaintops "Stop getting 'em, boys!", hit the bong and scroll away: