Valdur - "Incantre"

High budget?....negative. Anti-religious?....absolutely. Spiritual meaning?....a bit, but that's none of anyone's concern. Trendy?.....we certainly hope not. Aggressive musical foundation that gives respect to all of the true leaders before us and to all of the real musicians of the future?....absolutely. Incantre.... from the new Valdur full length 'At War With' on Bloody Mountain Records.

Astral Traveler Lands In Echo Park

NIK TURNER is 73 years old and has traveled through more galaxies than Capt. Kirk and Douglas Adams combined. Mr. Turner is a founding member of HAWKWIND, the sci-fi space-metal kings of the 1970's. Interesting fact: this is where Lemmy started his music career as a roadie (he later became the bass player, and was fired for preferring meth instead of hallucinogenics). Nic Turner (sax, flute, wackiness) and his band will be playing HAWKWIND's all-time, hashtacular Space Ritual at the Echoplex this Sunday. Special "psychedelic friends" are promised on the bill, along with Arcata, California's WHITE MANNA, who according to their website, play "space rock using a scorched-earth policy."  Fire up the "Orgone Accumulator", and get ready to travel a billion light years from Earth.

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Boris Comes To Town

Come out and welcome the unstoppable BORIS all the way from the Land of the Rising Sun, for two nights at the Echoplex in May, the Thursday and Friday before Memorial Day.  First night "the band will perform its all-time classics along with many new songs never before played in the US." The next they take on "most of Boris' cult classic album Flood along with a noise/drone/experimental set."  DEAFHEAVEN provides all the support you need.  And then Saturday it's BOLT THROWER

Wide Open Wound

New NAILS.  As expected, absolutely crushing.  When I'm in the mood to be crushed, which usually takes some special circumstances, NAILS is my best friend.    

Wide Open Wound

Hate won't hide these wounds
No coming back from your abuse

I'm the wreckage you left
I'm the wreckage that crushed you

No cause; caught in your violent tide
The effect will be your demise

You expect faith but parade as a whore
You got your fair share but you took more
You inflict pain with every touch
You have abandoned everything you've loved